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With a focus on Microsoft Technology in EDU

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Deploying Office 365 ProPlus Device-based Licensing for EDU

Introduction Hi there! It’s been a while! The last blog I wrote was roughly two and a half years ago, where I wrote a step by step guide to deploy Office 365 ProPlus with Device Based Activation (DBA) with SCCM. In that time, the blog post has accumulated over 20k views from schools all over…
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Disable Private Chat in Microsoft Teams for Students

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool with usefulness that spans across segments like enterprise, SMB, and education. However in education we have a bit more specific use cases and restrictions since we are dealing with a younger user base. One of the top requests I get is “Nick how do I disable private chat…
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Managing Licensing in Microsoft 365 EDU

This is a quick and dirty post with some pre-canned information I send to my customers when the conversation of “how do I manage licensing” comes up. I’ll come back and add more context but for now this should be a great starting point for most any EDU organization! PowerShell Method Today most organizations use…
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Let’s Integrate G Suite with Azure AD!

Recently Updated: This post has been updated as of 5/28/2019 to include some more helpful information around Seamless SSO and when to use the Accounts Extension. What’s the skinny? As much as I think Office 365 offers a much better overall experience we tend to still see G Suite usage, for Google Classroom, in the…
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Welcome to Contoso EDU!

In the ever changing world of technology it can be hard to keep up. Enterprise and even SMB organizations have time and resources, in most cases, to research and implement new technologies to better their business and customers. But in Education that’s not always the case. Microsoft has some amazing documentation, it’s better than previous…
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